Calculation of outstanding balance: Where the Clear Name Website, or any other information provided to you by Clear Name, refers to an ‘outstanding balance’, ‘outstanding amount’ or payment ‘in full’ of a debt that you owe to a credit provider, it may not include all amounts that you owe to all credit providers or to any particular credit provider. This is due to the fact that, when Clear Name calculates an ‘outstanding balance’, ‘outstanding amount’ or payment ‘in full’, Clear Name relies on information in the most recent credit report that you accessed using Credit Simple. Please refer to clause 5.4 of the Terms of Use for further details.

Further information and advice: Clear Name represents credit providers strictly for the purpose of collecting payments via the Clear Name Website. If you wish to discuss a specific debt, you will need to contact the applicable credit provider, including if you have any questions relating to unforeseen hardship and the potential consequences of a default. You should seek advice from an appropriately-qualified financial adviser before making any decision in relation to repayment of a debt if you need assistance. Clear Name does not provide any personalised financial, legal or tax advice and we express no opinion on your debt repayment and debt management. Should you seek to rely on the content of the Clear Name Website, you do so entirely at your own risk. The information provided on the Clear Name Website is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person in any jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to law or regulation. No representation is given that any services accessible through the Clear Name Website are suitable for you. The provision of any information through the Clear Name Website, shall not constitute or be considered to be investment, financial or other advice.

Overpayments: Clear Name will take reasonable steps to implement systems to avoid overpayment of a debt. However, it is your responsibility to monitor the amount you pay to avoid overpayments. If you make an overpayment (for example, if you double pay any amount owing, to both Clear Name and to the relevant credit provider), you must notify Clear Name and the credit provider and, if the overpayment is verified, an amount equal to the overpayment may be repaid to you by either Clear Name or the credit provider. Please refer to clause 6.2 of the Terms of Use for further details.

Payment instalment plans: Clear Name may offer you the option to repay a Debt by setting up a payment instalment plan. If you elect to set up a payment instalment plan, the terms and conditions set out in clause 6.1 of the Terms of Use will apply. If a discount is applicable to your payment instalment plan, the discount is strictly subject to you paying all instalment payments under the Payment Instalment Plan in full in accordance with clause 6.1 of the Terms of Use.

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